Hot & Cold Blade
-  Hot & Cold Cut Operation
-  Micro-Computer Controlled
-  Very Fast 
-  Many Possible Settings
-  Dependable
-  Voltage: 110v
-  Overall Height: 40"
-  Net Weight: 260 lbs. 
The H-101 micro-computer controlled webbing cutting machine allows for many setting variations of length, number of pieces, how many times the blade should cycle on one cut (or on the Dwell Cut machine variation, how long the blade should stay in the down position), and temperature settings for the Hot blade when being used.  The H-101 has an auto-stop feature that will pause the current job and sound an alarm when the material has run out while remembering which piece it was on when it ran out of material.  In this case, simply replace the material, press start and the machine picks up where it left off.  The H-101 comes with an emergency power down button and cutting area safety cover with access door power kill switch (not shown), as standard safety features.  If desired, custom guarding and other modifications can be done by HIKER to accomodate your company's specific production needs.  HIKER also includes a feeder spool stand and tool box containing a bottle of machine oil and various tools to change blades and easily maintain the machine all at no extra charge.     

The H-101 web cutting machine is very dependable, easy to maintain, and easy to use.  Just choose the settings, press start and the machine does the rest!   

*  As with any material feeding system, lengths are influenced by a number of variables, such as material type (elasticity),
   weight of spool being pulled, feeding speed, material tension, roller tension, motor torque, etc., so it is only possible to
   accurately quote a machine's theoretical capability, while approximating what a customer might experience under certain
   operating conditions.  The H-101 uses an extremely precise, high quality, name-brand stepping motor to feed the material,
   which provides a theoretical capability of a near exact length translation.  Simply put, the H-101 is as accurate as a web
   cutter can be.  To provide an approximation, it is reasonable to target lengths within 1/16" using a range of more commonly
   used settings on a range of more common materials.  
-  Feeding Motor Speed: 100 possible
    settings to over ~112cm / ~44" per sec.
-  Longest Cut Length: 99,999mm / ~3937"
-  Shortest Cut Length: 1mm / ~1/16"
-  Cutting Width: ~17cm / ~6.6875"
-  Length Accuracy: Theoretical .01% *  
-  Piece Quantity: Adjustable up to 99,999 pcs.
-  Safety: Included safety cover (not shown)
    encases heat/cut area and moving parts
    with power kill switch on access door.      
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