Dual Feed, Single Stroke 
The HIKER H-308 is a reliable and economical dual feed grommeting machine.  It works with HIKER's highest quality self-piercing grommets, which cut their own holes instead of having the machine do the cutting.  This makes the machine less complicated, easier to maintain, more reliable and cost as much as $5,000 dollars less than competing machines.  The H-308 also has one of the most trouble free feeding systems in the market today.  Available with a static clutch (stationary foot pedal), or magnetic clutch (moveable foot pedal), the H-308 comes with standard safety features such as a die shield and surrounding die table.  Custom guarding, guide tables and other modifications can be done by HIKER to accommodate your company's specific production needs.       
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-  Feeds both grommet & washer
-  Uses self-piercing grommets
-  Flywheel provides force
-  Laser Pointer Included!
-  Throat Depth: 4 3/4"
-  Motor: 1/2hp, 110/220v
-  Overall Dimensions: 33" x 25" x 61"
-  Net Weight: 465 lbs. 
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Dual Feed, Auto Punch 
The H-2008S dual feed, auto-punch grommeting machine is unlike any other grommeting machine in the American market.  In addition to its intriguing looks and solid build it uses separate cutting and setting die on a fast, rotating turn-table.  The benefits of this are that the die do not damage easily, they last longer, they cost less, and it greatly reduces downtime.  Another innovative feature is the washer feeding system.  The washer feeding track does not have a bend in it and it uses a turn-table to feed the washer to the die set instead of using a pushrod to push the washer forward.  This eliminates two of the most common problematic areas of other dual feed machines when it comes to feeding washers.  The H-2008S was designed to set all kinds of grommets such as brass, steel, aluminum and poly carbonate.  It is capable of inserting close to 2000 grommets per hour as it punches a hole, sets a grommet and is ready to go again in just over a second. Available with push button or pedal actuation, the H-2008S comes equipped with a material edge guide and standard safety features such as a die shield and surrounding die table. 
"From its sleek, new look with swept-back feeding tracks and rear-mounted drums to its intelligent turn-table die system, the H-2008S dual feed grommeting machine is the newest, most advanced grommeting machine in the American market."
-  Feeds both grommet & washer
-  Punches hole for standard grommets
-  Designed for smooth feeding
-  Throat Depth: X"
-  Power: 110/220v
-  Dimensions: 27" x 25" x 52" 
-  Net Weight: 450 lbs. 
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